Our name says it all.


A lot of people ask about our name. Being the number nerds that we are, we gleaned it from a rule of thumb called Pareto's law. This law says that 20% of causes typically create 80% of effects. Applied to your small business this could mean that 20% of your customers generate 80% of your sales, or 20% of your cost centers generate 80% of all expenses.

The general takeaway is a fundamental tenet of our business: with an eye towards continual improvement, focus your efforts on those items with the most potential gain. Of course, there are other business rules with a similar frame of mind, but "KISS Accounting" didn't seem to have the same ring to it.


It sometimes takes a village. Here's ours.


The most successful small businesses leverage the expertise around them and fill in the weak spots where they can. We truly love this aspect of business as it exposes us to a number of different people and ideas (as we often fill out rosters as active, part-time and cost effective Controllers or CFOs).

Our clients love it too, as they gain a team of experts with varied backgrounds and skill sets.

It's a win-win.


Kelvin Gieck, CFA

I have always loved technology. I grew up playing video games on a Texas Instruments machine and trying to log in and out of BBS sites for fun (dial up was a treat!).

Business has also always been a love of mine. I can still remember that as a kid, one of the first books I read for fun was The Wealthy Barber (totally normal right?).

In helping co-found Twenty Eighty these two worlds have met, and it's pretty awesome to see how we can truly improve and impact other peoples' lives.

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Twyla Verhelst, CPA, CGA

I fell in love with counting money at the young age of nine when I started to operate the cash register in my parent's small business.  I remember wanting to be at the heart of the business and being part of the customer experience.

As a result, I always knew that my career would eventually be in a field that incorporated small business and numbers.  It's become what I've lived and breathed my entire life.

Co-founding Twenty Eighty has taken this passion another step, provided me with the opportunity to work intimately with small business owners, going far beyond just "counting money".

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