The devil really is in the details... we just didn't want to bore you.

We really strive to make our website clean and engaging on an ongoing basis. That means that our "in your face" content is sometimes lacking. If you have further questions, take a look through this list to see if there are any answers.

Are you a local firm?

What size of businesses do you work with?

Will you work in my office?

You mentioned that Twenty Eighty does all the "normal stuff" accountants typically do. That's all fine and dandy, but what does this really mean?

Can you handle CRA audits?

Quick! What's 2 + 2?



We are locally sourced and home grown... well, kind of

This seems like an odd question, but one well worth asking. Given our love of technology we are able to work with anyone, anywhere, anytime (except maybe while we are on vacation, sorry). To those that like face to face contact, be rest assured that we are based in Calgary, Alberta and are always available to meet.

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Any Size!

We believe that our model lends well to any small business to be honest. We can plug in on a part time basis (at various levels of time commitment) and assist until your business grows to a point where you can afford your own top notch accounting staff.

So the real question is, do you see a need for our services? If so, can you afford a full time individual (or team) to handle this workload? If not, we are a good fit!

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Sorry, but our bots can't do that

Our business model is based off the idea of leveraging people, systems and the ever pervasive cloud. This lets us provide a higher level of service and attention to our clients, without incurring insurmountable costs.

We absolutely love to meet with clients and review our analyses, but the daily grunt work clients like down at their office is typically left to the robots.

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All the "normal Stuff" we do

We can run the gamut of a full accounting cycle. This includes typical bookkeeping related functions such as invoicing, bill processing, payments and payroll. It also includes typical accounting related functions such as month end processing, year end processing, process structure and setup and tax filings.

That all being said, we take pride in our differences and we really strive to showcase them. So while we do all of the "normal stuff" it can often look different, due to the systems we use and the automation they can provide.

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EEEk! Actually, audits aren't that bad

We can absolutely help with a CRA audit. In fact, one of the benefits or the systems we use is the ease with which information can be pulled. This saves a lot of time and money if an audit does arise, which keeps everyone happy, including the tax man.

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Check out these math skills

From a bookkeeper’s perspective the answer would be 4, as long as a receipt proved it. From an accountant’s perspective the answer would be something less than 4, as this is the most conservative valuation. From a lender’s perspective the answer doesn’t matter unless there is some sort of security behind it. From a business owner’s perspective the answer likely depends on what they need to use the information for.

Long story short: there are a lot of facets to business information that have nothing to do with the actual numbers. We can help you make sense of the clutter, so it really is as simple as 2 + 2.

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